NrvrCommander makes CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu 14.04 VMs


This is an announcement of new features of the free and open source NrvrCommander multi-OS virtual machine making scripting and automation software, which is at version 1.7.1.  What is new:

  • Support for making VMs that run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  • Better support for making VMs that run CentOS 6.6,
    in addition to earlier support of making VMs that run Scientific Linux.
  • Set number of processor cores.
  • Disable USB autoconnect.
  • Optionally install Node.js in VMs.
  • Update several components.

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Adj paragraph alignment in SVG


The open source Adj framework has a new command paragraph.

Adj 4.0.3 command paragraph breaks SVG text to a given maxWidth and can align left, center, or right, plain and styled, without and with hyperlinks, optionally with first line indent.

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Printing an adapter


Were making a box for a timed outlet. Had bought mismatched parts. Designed and printed an adapter.

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Making our own toys


Designing toys ourselves and making them from renewable plastic.

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Testing SVG DOM APIs


The freely available Adj test suite, usable online and offline, should be run as part of QA in browser maintenance (browser development), to make sure SVG JavaScript DOM APIs and SVG don’t regress.

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Adj for interactive detailed illustrations


The open source Adj framework has new features, including:

New features since mid-2014:

Some of those are in use for dynamically changing illustrations, hiding and disclosing detail.

New since last post 2013:

Some of those are in use for isometric drawings and user interface mockups.

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Aquifer Depletion in California’s Central Valley and Santa Clara Valley


This is a summary of sources.

More than a century of data in USGS Circular 1182 Land Subsidence in the United States , specifically:

Those three files contain different information each. They are worth looking at each, all pages, even if you don’t read all details.

About 2013 activity in Stanislaus County, notable articles for numbers mentioned:

Hoping this compilation will help in coming to good decisions. It has been written preemptively, to supply science and history when discussions, as regrettably too common in contemporary politics, would become too sidetracked or partisan.

Additional info re Santa Clara Valley at .


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