NrvrCommander makes CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu 14.04 VMs


This is an announcement of new features of the free and open source NrvrCommander multi-OS virtual machine making scripting and automation software, which is at version 1.7.1.  What is new:

  • Support for making VMs that run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  • Better support for making VMs that run CentOS 6.6,
    in addition to earlier support of making VMs that run Scientific Linux.
  • Set number of processor cores.
  • Disable USB autoconnect.
  • Optionally install Node.js in VMs.
  • Update several components.

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Adj paragraph alignment in SVG


The open source Adj framework has a new command paragraph.

Adj 4.0.3 command paragraph breaks SVG text to a given maxWidth and can align left, center, or right, plain and styled, without and with hyperlinks, optionally with first line indent.

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Working remotely often


When living in a hotspot of technology, people at times made derogatory remarks about the large valley further east, an agricultural area: Read the rest of this entry »

Done implausibly well – rejected


A recurring theme earlier in my career had been work done so well it wasn’t considered appropriate. You read that right. Quality rejected because off the scale, on the top end.

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A bucket for cutting trails

bucket for cutting trails

Custom Bucket For Cutting Trails

As a counterbalance to computer topics, here is a picture of an adjustable loader bucket I designed on the spot a few years ago.

Had driven with a toddler a couple of hours to pick up a used dirt bucket. On inspection I recognized it had been advertised incorrectly and wouldn’t match our loader. Not to disappoint the kid Read the rest of this entry »

On already or when you push the button?


If in user interface there is an element with a symbol or a text, which for example says “On“, does that mean the machine currently is in the state indicated, i.e. is it on already, now?

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Printing an adapter


Were making a box for a timed outlet. Had bought mismatched parts. Designed and printed an adapter.

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Making our own toys


Designing toys ourselves and making them from renewable plastic.

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