A bucket for cutting trails

bucket for cutting trails

Custom Bucket For Cutting Trails

As a counterbalance to computer topics, here is a picture of an adjustable loader bucket I designed on the spot a few years ago.

Had driven with a toddler a couple of hours to pick up a used dirt bucket. On inspection I recognized it had been advertised incorrectly and wouldn’t match our loader. Not to disappoint the kid Read the rest of this entry »

1000× better in cybersecurity


Our stealth startup’s agenda is to enable 10× more professionals to understand 10× more complex systems 10× faster.

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Knowledge illusion in cybersecurity


Growing up came with valuable lessons. A family tradition of engineering at the residence. And, dad visiting maybe a hundred companies each year, Read the rest of this entry »

The machines and the systems we trust


Last day of RSA Conference 2018 in SF the exhibits closed 3pm Read the rest of this entry »

Nails happen

nail at gas station

Nail in Expansion Joint at Gas Station

For some time we had encountered a number of flat tires. Read the rest of this entry »

MicNotePad revision history


A snapshot of MicNotePad‘s revision history:
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The conception of Apple DocViewer


I coded the proof of concept of Apple DocViewer.  Not because I wanted to, but to create Read the rest of this entry »

Account taken over – what identity?


Apparently someone has taken over my eBay account, has changed its eBay username and email address, and Read the rest of this entry »