Your status is what?


You’re tired, busy, or overworked. You intend to search for something, but wind up blasting what you’ve just typed to the whole world as a status update instead. I’ve caught myself on the point of doing this myself.

A number of programs, e.g. Chatter desktop, make this really easy: the

  • What are you working on?
  • Share an update
  • Type a note
  • What’s happening?
  • Enter your status here

field is located where many other applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Office Communicator, iOS Mail) put the … search field!

Imagine: an Oracle employee means to search for Microsoft’s Business Rules Framework, only to post  “Microsoft rules” as a status report instead.

Or a government employee searches for info on drunk driving, but mistakenly posts “drunk driving”  as a status report.

Funny, yes, but trouble too. Think of the possibilities: Company secrets, state diplomacy, and not least of all, personal relationships.

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