Adj with XML syntax

The number one question on release of Adj was “why aren’t the commands in XML elements, why in comments?”

Adj commands are in XML elements now, in a separate namespace. Read its documentation or get it. Free of charge, forever.

I had considered that option previously, but then hadn’t been able to satisfy concerns about compatibility. This time, after getting more feedback, we found encouraging words regarding extensibility by using XML namespaces, in the SVG standard documentation SVG 1.1 2nd ed 23 Extensibility.

Adj had been structured in anticipation of using XML for its commands, so the implementation went well.

Editing (updating) the 50± example SVG documents of Adj’s own documentation made me add a couple features instrumental to a stated purpose of Adj, “to facilitate long-term maintenance of diagrams”:

  • Adj now stores away essential authoring coordinates, for reuse by authors and algorithms, and
  • Adj command explain now nicely plays with round-trips of documents through a workflow.

Interestingly, these improvements have been significantly enabled by XML namespaces. I still like quick XML processing without namespaces, where appropriate. But this has been a positive experience.

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