Adj features galore

This is an announcement of new features of the open source Adj framework, which is at version 3.5.6.

The original announcement of Adj still has relevant information which is not being repeated here. So does the version 2 announcement.

For a formal reference, there is the user guide.

What is new:

  • There is a test suite.
  • There is an example extension of Adj.
  • Several syntax improvements. If you are working with the current user guide you will be fine.
  • Example syntax improvement: explain is a parameter now.
  • Example syntax improvement: Adj commands can be attributes of SVG elements instead of having to be XML elements of their own.
  • A new adj:id identifier doesn’t have a strict uniqueness requirement. That concept may be interesting beyond Adj. Plain id attributes still work too.
  • Tree layouts, used in documentation of Adj here and there.
  • Paths (command vine) can have coordinates which by simple arithmetic are relative to other graphical objects.
  • Substitution of variables works for many parameters of many commands.
  • Any graphical objects can be placed (command floater) at coordinates which by simple arithmetic are relative to other graphical objects.
  • Make large drawings fit into a predefined size.
  • Better error handling, exception reporting, bad input reporting, bug fixes.
  • Necessities, such as a different directory structure.
  • Use of fonts under the Open Font License, for reproducible results from the test suite without licensing hassles.

You could be using it. The only file you really need is adj.js. Free of charge.

If you don’t want to use git, you could grab a .zip file.

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