NrvrCommander documentation DIY

NrvrCommander should have more documentation. Today I write why I don’t write more documentation today.

There is some good documentation already.

If we would wait for perfection, we would be withholding a working tool.

The Python API documentation is current and substantial. Method names and parameter names are very descriptive, if necessary long. Example scripts given are very descriptive.

For mundane “use” documentation, see examples in the project. Also see the project wiki. You can contribute there.

I can help with replies and comments when others are attempting use on their own.

Alas several real uses are internal to other projects and not cleared to post as examples.

Positively, a shortened screen recording of example scripts running could be impressive. E.g. making Linux and Windows machines and testing websites with Selenium. I hope others might produce such educational material, e.g. from a given example script. Maybe Mac OS X is a good platform to record this on?

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