Adj for interactive detailed illustrations

The open source Adj framework has new features, including:

New features since mid-2014:

Some of those are in use for dynamically changing illustrations, hiding and disclosing detail.

New since last post 2013:

Some of those are in use for isometric drawings and user interface mockups.

At the time of this posting, Adj is at 3.7.1.

Adj is used internally in some projects, which drives its development. Those projects’ documents are not part of Adj’s documentation. We have not yet published that size example documents. While not a requirement, we are now using Adj on 4K (3840×2160) 39″ monitors.

Because of its wide applicability, extensibility, standard compliance and browser compatibility, Adj should be known to those working on future implementations of SVG (run test suite), on new versions of the standard, and on editors (GUI, WYSIWYG, browser-based or other).

Depending on circumstances, the author of Adj can give presentations (including more impressive examples) or help out on projects. Documentation for “less programmer kind of people” could be made, possibly involving users of Adj.

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