Testing SVG DOM APIs

The freely available Adj test suite, usable online and offline, should be run as part of QA in browser maintenance (browser development), to make sure SVG JavaScript DOM APIs and SVG don’t regress.

If used as part of QA in browser development (maintenance), the Adj test suite helps ensure compatibility for everyone else’s code that uses SVG and SVG JavaScript DOM APIs.

This suggestion is motivated by the fact, without implying fault, the existing implementation of Adj command paragraph is more complicated than it would be if browsers were consistent, if they were fully compliant with the SVG specification.

An area of code in browsers that has arguably and understandably escaped perfect compliance can be kept healthier by regression testing.

For end users this means whether they can rely on computers. For us it is a challenge whether we can coordinate across organizations to iterate in such ways that end users experience reliability.

The Adj test suite has been designed to minimize the effort and cost of testing in this context.

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