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The open source Adj framework has a new command pathArrow.


Adj pathArrow Illustrated

Adj Command pathArrow Illustrated

Command pathArrow takes a path given as arrow shape and stretches and bends its shaft along another path given to follow.

Command pathArrow becomes most useful in conjunction with other features of Adj, such as commands vine, connection, rider and more:  Automatic adjustment can work its magic where the arrow goes – relative to elements – and what it looks like.

From a designer point of view, pathArrow enables better control of width, color, transparency, and end shapes.  Even computed width is possible.

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Graphics including graphics


The open source Adj framework has a new command include.


One motivation to implement include has been reuse of images.  For example, reuse of illustrations across an organization by inclusion of images made by others.  With Adj that implies pretty good automatic adjustment.

Adj command include copies all or part of another document into the current document.

More than with other Adj commands, with include there can be significant difference in verbosity and size between the same document without (before) or with the result of (after) invoking Adj: In this example 13 versus 42 lines.  That difference is Read the rest of this entry »

Adj in SVG inline in HTML


Adj in SVG inline in HTML works now.


One motivation to make Adj work in SVG inline in HTML has been to allow Adj in playgrounds like JS Bin, as shown in one simple example.

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Editorial notice


Yours truly is starting on half a dozen blog entries about exciting new features of the Adj framework.  Look for them here in the days to come.

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