Editorial notice

Yours truly is starting on half a dozen blog entries about exciting new features of the Adj framework.  Look for them here in the days to come.

This burst is intentional:  Adj version 6 marks completion of a feature set significant for usability for image creation.

It can be hard to write well about new technology if oneself is a driving force behind its creation. Creating, innovating, recognizing needs, and ensuring quality and improvement, one often is thinking what needs to be done next – and that can be quite distracting from telling a simple story of what exists today, even about one’s own product.

Of the softwares I have created, the less uses one had, the easier people understood what its use was.

When I have created softwares of many uses though, then such multitude has confused some of my contemporaries, whom we nevertheless shall not summarily declare variously challenged – it is OK to make things many people at first don’t understand how it works or what to use for.

I am not too comfortable dumbing down my writing.  I rather delegate that aspect.  Conciseness, I spend time on that.  Correctness, definitely.  Comprehensibility, very much aware of and sensitive to.  Just not efficient at dumbing down.  I make stuff that is easy to use, but I can be inefficient writing about it.

Until someone else starts writing up new features of Adj, I am going to attempt writing technically, for the most part, factually.

And, I will try to avoid letting excitement about possible uses make me appear to be a crackpot.

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