Adj in SVG inline in HTML

Adj in SVG inline in HTML works now.


One motivation to make Adj work in SVG inline in HTML has been to allow Adj in playgrounds like JS Bin, as shown in one simple example.

Bare examples are given from simple, to more detailed, and even more detailed.

Compared to plain SVG, placement of the script tag should be done differently in HTML.  Invocation is easy once you get it right.  Annoyingly, recently virus protection software has been observed modifying links to JavaScript – not a problem, so far, but confusing when studying examples.

Adj in SVG inline in HTML is covered by its test suite.  Look for test cases mentioning HTML.

There is a section in documentation, not much so far.


If you ignore implementation details, simply enjoy using it!

Implementation had faced and overcome at least two challenges:  Different implementations of DOM of SVG inline in HTML regarding namespaces,  and regarding capitalization of element and attribute names.

As implemented in Adj version 6, the same adj.js JavaScript file can process either plain SVG or SVG inline in HTML.  If warranted by performance concerns, it should be possible to make dedicated versions respectively.

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