Arrows representing data flow ⇨

The open source Adj framework has a new command pathArrow.


Adj pathArrow Illustrated

Adj Command pathArrow Illustrated

Command pathArrow takes a path given as arrow shape and stretches and bends its shaft along another path given to follow.

Command pathArrow becomes most useful in conjunction with other features of Adj, such as commands vine, connection, rider and more:  Automatic adjustment can work its magic where the arrow goes – relative to elements – and what it looks like.

From a designer point of view, pathArrow enables better control of width, color, transparency, and end shapes.  Even computed width is possible.

One motivation to implement pathArrow has been to represent data flow.

Admittedly, no interactive demo of “flying arrows flapping wings” here yet.  The original purpose of Adj hasn’t been interactivity, but long term maintenance of illustrations, ease of adjustment to subject changes, then reuse of drawings, and only then interactivity while users explore illustrations or when data changes.


You can ignore implementation details, and simply use pathArrow.

The geometric algorithm of pathArrow could use a little bit of improvement to more gracefully handle certain corner cases.

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