An interactive component in Adj ▦

Lean Example Adj sliderKnob

A Lean Example of Adj sliderKnob

Adj is named so because it adjusts. Originally envisioned Adj adjustment would occur when subjects of illustrations change, such as during product lifecycle. While calculated in a fraction of a second, change and adjustment would not continuously be seen by users. Adj had been envisioned for better illustrations, for bodies of many related illustrations – not for animation.

How can one explain adjustment that occurs only sometimes, without creating an incorrect impression of making animation? As an aid in illustrating such concept and…

For general use by authors, command sliderKnob can make visual components that let users interactively change parameters of illustrations.

Notably there is no default look of sliders made with sliderKnob. An author has broad freedom of choice. First examples are given here, here, here, and here.

Conciseness has been a top design principle when implementing command sliderKnob, which admittedly may show in imperfection.

Different interactive components, changes in architecture, improved modularity, etc. are on the road map for Adj.  Feedback, contributions, collaboration are welcome.

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