Refreshingly irregular ∡


Adj command telescopicTree allows free-form layouts: Put something here, then something to the left, then something below it, then something to the right of the first item, etc..

An Example telescopicTree

An Interactive Example Adj telescopicTree

A bit as if you were drawing on a whiteboard.

In telescopicTree Adj’s elasticity works – Adj’s raison d’être.

Within and around telescopicTree Adj’s ability to nest also works – a signature feature.

It doesn’t have to be exactly to Read the rest of this entry »

HTTP request illustration ▤


HTTP requests are carriers of information in modern systems. Illustrating requests is within Adj‘s purpose.

Adj rcGrid displaying HTTP request headers

Adj rcGrid Used To Display HTTP Request Headers

Today’s attached example uses Adj command rcGrid with text for a formatted display of request headers.

Adj is about different layouts and constraints than either HTML or plain SVG. Adj for example offers Read the rest of this entry »

Improving Adj constraint algorithms ⬚


Today’s attached example provides a glimpse at algorithm improvements an individual could contribute.

Explain circularList Option packArc

Explain Adj circularList Option packArc

You can click the Explain checkbox and drag the slider knob. Documentation of command circularList is provided online.

Of the source commit of command circularList option packArc, essential code is Read the rest of this entry »