Improving Adj constraint algorithms ⬚

Today’s attached example provides a glimpse at algorithm improvements an individual could contribute.

Explain circularList Option packArc

Explain Adj circularList Option packArc

You can click the Explain checkbox and drag the slider knob. Documentation of command circularList is provided online.

Of the source commit of command circularList option packArc, essential code is a diff of file adj.js.

For good quality, processing time and readability of algorithm code matter.

For new algorithms and experimental improvements, there is an extension mechanism already. Some Adj commands have been developed that way. Like anything, it has limitations – an engineering truth a sales person would rarely tell.

Inviting others to make better algorithms for Adj reminds of two nontrivial improvements due: Make over order of evaluation, and improve modularization.

Taking Adj’s order of evaluation to the next level probably is better done with both specialized and broad experience I should contribute. Similarly, shop class students more commonly weld frames, not make ball bearings.

Adj has been designed with modularization in mind. In contrast, by early 2016 its main source file at a glance appears monolithic. Luckily its code is more structured than that. Folk with fluency in JavaScript library or framework modularization I would enjoy collaborating with, to decide best fit applicable techniques.

Earlier I had mentioned some may want to use Adj as authors, composing XML, SVG. Others may want to extend Adj, using JavaScript. I hadn’t mentioned:

Most users would want to view illustrations that are current and stay well-adjusted over time.

That is the purpose of Adj.

Most would care about the workings of Adj as little as they care about HTML or PDF.

Before extending Adj, you may want to use it first.

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