Refreshingly irregular ∡

Adj command telescopicTree allows free-form layouts: Put something here, then something to the left, then something below it, then something to the right of the first item, etc..

An Example telescopicTree

An Interactive Example Adj telescopicTree

A bit as if you were drawing on a whiteboard.

In telescopicTree Adj’s elasticity works – Adj’s raison d’être.

Within and around telescopicTree Adj’s ability to nest also works – a signature feature.

It doesn’t have to be exactly to the left, it can be down a few degrees; and not exactly below, but out to the left at a slight angle.

I like it for what it can do. Command telescopicTree is refreshingly irregular after working with commands horizontalList, verticalList, circularList, verticalTree, horizontalTree, pinnedList, telescopicTree, rcGrid, and more.

Trivia: Why that name? Branches can stretch and angle like telescopic arms, and a tree it is.

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