Systems Illustration Life Cycle

Involved in a product’s cycle from determining need to making product and taking it through versions through years, one’s point of view can change.  Like sitting in a train passing cities, villages, and mountains, one’s point of view changes on approach, entering, and passing.

I had mentioned Elasticdraw is purpose driven, or need driven.  Recently I have recognized again, one long-lasting purpose, where it can contribute so much, is or should be named Systems Illustration Life Cycle.

That’s it for today.  Exciting innovation should be released in 2017.  Simpler capitalization of the name Elasticdraw is one trivial aspect of that future, not a typo.

One Response to Systems Illustration Life Cycle

  1. Blaise Pabon says:

    I typically run into three vectors impacting the illustration:
    * scale (where detail increases/decreases)
    * change (typically over time)
    * dependency (cause/effect relationships between elements.

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