Targeted by scammers

The purpose of this post is to be on the record:  In recent months I have been called many times in apparent attempts to get voice samples from me.

This is a known scam.  I will not pay more attention to it for now.

Recently induced by circumstances of where I was (professional work meeting) and what I heard, I mistakenly said “yes”.

General advice:  Hang up.  Don’t talk.

Update:  After conversations with professionals and after receiving yet another call with a different script, I considered these calls could have a different purpose.  Just not certain either way.  Don’t talk and hang up anyway.

Update #2:  Meanwhile have learned, there is reason for concern.  E.g. Adobe’s Project VoCo:

There is at least one other supplier of a similar tool.

Update #3:  Fell for it again five months later.  Unknown caller said something that induced me to say “yes” and a few words.

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