Account taken over – what identity?


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That phone number


A close friend came back into the country and got a SIM, which was given some new phone number.  Within a day I was subject to an inquiry whom I am associating with.  What happened?

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Targeted by scammers


The purpose of this post is to be on the record:  In recent months I have been called many times in apparent attempts to get voice samples from me.

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Wrong information presented prettily


I make no secret of strongly favoring results of reproducible experiments. To quote a positive paragraph from an article with a negative title line, I am in good company:

The Founding Fathers were science enthusiasts. Thomas Jefferson, a lawyer and scientist, built the primary justification for the nation’s independence on the thinking of Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and John Locke—the creators of physics, inductive reasoning and empiricism. He called them his “trinity of three greatest men.” If anyone can discover the truth by using reason and science, Jefferson reasoned, then no one is naturally closer to the truth than anyone else. Consequently, those in positions of authority do not have the right to impose their beliefs on other people. The people themselves retain this inalienable right. Based on this foundation of science—of knowledge gained by systematic study and testing instead of by the assertions of ideology—the argument for a new, democratic form of government was self-evident.

Technology, however, is not equal science, even though much known technology has been made possible by using science.

Don’t believe everything that is on a computer screen.

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Your status is what?


You’re tired, busy, or overworked. You intend to search for something, but wind up blasting what you’ve just typed to the whole world as a status update instead. I’ve caught myself on the point of doing this myself.

A number of programs, e.g. Chatter desktop, make this really easy: the

  • What are you working on?
  • Share an update
  • Type a note
  • What’s happening?
  • Enter your status here

field is located where many other applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Office Communicator, iOS Mail) put the … search field!

Imagine: an Oracle employee means to search for Microsoft’s Business Rules Framework, only to post  “Microsoft rules” as a status report instead.

Or a government employee searches for info on drunk driving, but mistakenly posts “drunk driving”  as a status report.

Funny, yes, but trouble too. Think of the possibilities: Company secrets, state diplomacy, and not least of all, personal relationships.

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LinkedIn private user data has gone public


More than 50% of relevant users in sample affected

This article is for people who think if they set something to “only my friends (connections or network) are allowed to see this,” only their friends should be able to see it.

I have recently learned that my privacy settings on LinkedIn have been ineffective for some time. Information that several of my connections and I set to be private within LinkedIn has been copied over to at least one other website and can be found on Google.

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