MicNotePad revision history


A snapshot of MicNotePad‘s revision history:
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The conception of Apple DocViewer


I coded the proof of concept of Apple DocViewer.  Not because I wanted to, but to create Read the rest of this entry »

Done implausibly well – rejected


A recurring theme earlier in my career had been work done so well it wasn’t considered appropriate. You read that right. Quality rejected because off the scale, on the top end.

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50 years of constraints in computer graphics


In the early 1990s I gave presentations on using graphics in software development, several times with Alan Kay in the audience. At one point, I believe to remember, he mentioned he hadn’t seen that kind of vision or clarity since Sutherland‘s Sketchpad. Two decades later I downloaded Sutherland’s 1963 thesis, and read some of it.

Recently I searched Sutherland’s Sketchpad thesis for the word “constraint” and found it 127 times in 143 pages.

To quote verbatim from Chapter I, Introduction:

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Why I started the Adj framework


I’d not have spent time making the Adj framework unless I badly wanted it – and couldn’t get it.

As a prerequisite, I’d not want it unless it were an essential communication tool for work I’m doing.

Here is a little exploration into whether this work is part of a tradition, how much I am building on the work of others, whether I am doing this to have means to express myself, whether this is about enabling others.

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